Marathon PR

I’ve been running for nearly 13 years, running marathons for the last 11. I’ve trained with the LA Road Runners training programs several times, I’ve trained using the Hal Higdon training plan, I did Galway’s Run/Walk for several years and probably had the best luck with the Run Less. Run Faster program. All in all though, I’d had run 14 marathon in 11 years and my PR had moved from a 5:38 to a 5:35, and that 5:35 at Mt Charleston was a train wreck after what I thought was an okay training season. This year coming up on Mt Charleston again, I decided that I needed a coach. Rebecca Neumeier is someone I’ve known for a number of years and I’d heard she had become a certified coach and had set up her own business Head Down, Do Work training. So I signed on with her and had the best training season I’d ever had. The workouts were structured according to what worked best for me and the training plan adapted to where I was and how I was doing on a week-to-week basis. I had never had a training where I’d done multiple 19-20 mile long runs and not felt like a wreck afterwards. This season I ate those runs up and felt like I could have gone further. The true test came on race day, and while things didn’t go entirely well (purely based on poor weather and some bad choices on my part), I still set an amazing PR and ran Mt Charleston almost 59 minutes faster than I had the year before and this I lay at Becca’s feet. I had an fantastic training season and great race and I plan to use Head Down, Do Work for future races.

-Christopher King, Diamond Bar CA