Garmin Watch Marathon Set Up

Keeping yourself on track/pace during a race can be made MUCH easier with the use of a Garmin device. Below are a few settings I use to help me meet my goal! Many of these settings require you run with your phone during the race so keep that in mind. Virtual Partner – I wrote […]


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Garmin Virtual Partner

Need help pacing yourself? Wish you could have your own personal pacer? Well if you have a Garmin watch you most likely have one built into your watch! I love this function because I use it when I am running a race and shooting for a specific pace. It easily shows you if you are […]

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Marathon Training Long Runs

When I trained for my first marathon I truly believed that more miles was the best way to prepare. I trained up to 24 miles and still ran a 5+ hour marathon. The more marathons I have trained for the, the more I have realized that running more is not always better. When I ran […]

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New Year, New Goals

I am a firm believer in setting goals and saying them out LOUD!!! It demonstrates intention. It add accountability. It helps you focus. If you have goals I challenge you to make them public. That doesn’t mean you need to paint them on your car or tattoo them across your forehead. Instead, put them out […]

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