Garmin Virtual Partner

Need help pacing yourself? Wish you could have your own personal pacer? Well if you have a Garmin watch you most likely have one built into your watch! I love this function because I use it when I am running a race and shooting for a specific pace. It easily shows you if you are ahead or behind of your goal pace. Here is how you set it up. (all the screen shots are from a Garmin 935)

  1. Choose the Run activity
  2. Open up the Run SettingsIMG_2106
  3. Select Data ScreensIMG_6690
  4. Scroll up one time to get the Add New optionIMG_6691
  5. Select Virtual PartnerIMG_6692
  6. Set the goal pace and then save itIMG_6693IMG_6694

Now when you are running you can see display a screen that show your overall pace compared to your Virtual running partner!



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