Swim Training – Negative Split, EBEH, and Descending

Below is a post I stole from my original Blog. Here are a couple tricks I use in the pool to work on pace. Learning to control your pace in the pool is huge for training effectively!

Negative Split

This is where you swim the second half of an interval faster that the first. Great way to add in some speed! The set below was a negative split pyramid, 100 200 300 400 300 200 100. See the Garmin Data here.



The next technique I got from my friend MUN. EBEH stands for Easy Build Easy Hard. That pretty much explains how you swim the interval. Cool thing with this is you can apply it to a variety of distances, anything that can be chopped into 4 equal sections. The workout below was a pyramid (I love pyramids) of 100 200 300 00 300 200 100. You can see the Garmin data here.



Descending means to swim each interval faster that the one before. Today I wanted more yards so I  actually didn’t use my ever faithful pyramid. I used a ladder instead. The workout was 3 X 400, 3 X 300, 3 X 200, 3 X 100, descending by three. You can see the Garmin data here.


These are great tricks to use in the pool to challenge yourself a bit! Just keep swimming!


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